Heaven 11 Plaza

UPDATE 04 May, 2019

We are no longer a Pico Plaza - we have evolved into a Plaza

As of the last week of April - we are open.  We are serving Ole Smokes Coffee, an assortment of muffins and pastries from Monday through Friday 6:00 AM until 2:00 PM.

The Ole Smokes Coffee being served is Sippin' Whiskey, a dark smoke roasted coffee which is a very pleasant cup of coffee.  Sippin' Whiskey has been received very well and it sure makes the coffee stop smell wonderful.  Numerous patrons who normally add cream and sugar have being enjoying the natural smoothness even when black.

We are gearing up for Victoria Day weekend - which just so happens to be a long weekend and the first day of fishing season.  We will have a basic assortment of consumables needed for a long weekend fishing trip, like water, soft drinks, snacks.  We will also have Minnows available starting on the 17th. 

We will open on the 18 May weekend.

Victoria Day Long Weekend overflow truck and boat trailer parking is available at the plaza.  RV and boat trailer parking is available for $15 per day (must be paid in the station prior to parking).  Reservations are suggested to make sure space is available.  RV parking has 30A electrical service, water and septic hookups on each spot.

Heaven 11 Plaza will eventually feature a Fuel Station, Ole Smokes Cafe, Opaz-Mart, RV Park and Dog Park.

Plans are currently underway for the opening of Heaven 11 Plaza for Opasatika (pronounced Opah-sat-eka or just Opaz for short) Ontario and surrounding communities, travellers and commuters on the northern stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway 11.

Located snugly between Kapuskasing on the east and Hearst to the west in the beautiful Boreal Forest region of Northern Ontario.

In many of the small communities of Northern Ontario, people often lack the convenient access to basic amenities such as gas, food, household products.  This requires residents to travel some distance to get what they need.

Heaven 11 Plaza is bringing a fuel station serving gasoline, diesel and propane.  It is a self-service station with oil and car care supplies available inside the market.  There is space for commercial tractor-trailers to fuel up, grab some food, get some great coffee before heading east or west (sorry, but there no real options of going north or south).

The Opaz-Mart will stock a wide variety of food stuffs (an international term for groceries), household supplies, beverage bar and the all important fishing tackle section.  Our shelf selection will grow over time and with the input from the community.

Ole Smokes Smoke Roasted Coffee is a Grande Prairie Alberta company that smoke roasts and traditional roasts its own line of fantastic coffees.  Heaven 11 is the only location east of Alberta where Ole Smokes coffee is available in a cafe environment, it is properly named Ole Smokes Cafe.  Of course online purchases are always available by going to https://olesmokescoffee.com/  Once you have tried Ole Smokes Coffee you will be stopping by Heaven 11 every time you drive the northern leg of Highway 11.  Ground and whole bean coffee is available to take with you, so you will never be without it!  Try the Whiskey Oak coffee - it is truly fantastic.  Be certain to check out their unique  commercials they have on their website. 

We have a fully operational RV Park, configured for 10 back to back parking slots.  Each spot has 30 Amp service, potable water connection and waste water hookup.  Also available  for RV guests are a fenced in dog park and a key card self-serve laundry building.  Non-RV travellers with dogs can use the dog park for a small fee, likewise those non-RV'ers wishing to do laundry can use the laundry facility by depositing a refundable fee.  Laundry machines are coin operated but the Opaz-Mart can exchange bills for loonies.  Strong signal Wi-Fi is available in both RV park area and the Ole Smokes Cafe so no matter where you are on the property, you will have access to the net.  RV  parking  is by reservation during peak seasons but drop-ins are welcome, if you don't have reservations and want to see if there  is any availability,  just stop in for coffee and inquire at the Opaz-Mart.   If you are caravaning with other RV'ers and want to stop for the night or longer at our park, let us know ahead of time and we can try to put the group side by side or in tandem or both.

We have a limited area set aside for motorcyclists caught in a rain storm or heading into a storm which can occur in these parts frequently.  A simple shelter for pulling out of the weather and waiting it out is made available 24 hours even when we are not open.  This is simply a roadside service for those travellers on 2 wheels.  When the weather is cleared, the travellers can be on their way as it is not intended for camping.

Picnic tables are set up near the cafe as well as adjacent to the RV park.  Plenty of bear proof trash cans are available which are emptied nightly.  A electric bear fence is setup around the northern property lines during all months except for winter or when the snow is still deep and the snow mobiles roam the snowscape.

The lack of light pollution makes the Heaven 11 RV park a perfect choice for Northern Lights observing, Meteor Shower viewing, Milky Way gazing or Satellite spotting.  In the winter months, the sunset is around 4:30 PM, giving star chasers plenty of beautiful inky blackness to watch, photograph and simply be amazed by the theatre of the heavens.  Click here to see the best times and locations for meteor shower activity.  As for the Northern Lights, (Aurora Borealis for the more educated visitors)  are  best  seen in the winter months when the nights are long and the coffee is hot. The RV park is situated at the north side of the Heaven 11 Plaza where a minimal light bleed is present and with no passing vehicles to cast light into your field of view.  We apologize but we can not guarantee clear skies during solar flare or meteor shower events.   If you want to spot the International Space Station, refer to ISS tracker website by clicking the link. 

If you travel with your four legged friends (of the canine species), you're in luck!  We have an off-leash dog park, it isn't the biggest dog park in Ontario by any means, but it is the absolute easiest to access from Highway 11 over a 1,800 km length from Barrie Ontario to end of Highway 11 near Kenora Ontario!  The approximately 100' x 60' area is a completely fenced and double gated off leash park.  Our Dog Park also has an exclusive area for the more petite or timid dogs that don't particularly care to associate with the behemoth class of dogs.  Access is free if you are staying in the RV park overnight, if you are just passing through there is a fee to let your dog enjoy the park.  Benchs are available to sit and relax while your dog gets all the traveling kinks out, you can always buy an Ole Smokes Coffee and enjoy the newest and most convenient dog park along Ontario's Northern Corridor!  If you travel with your cat, well unfortunately we can't help you there. This region is 189,000 square kilometers of wilderness up here and we can't be helping find your feline who has always wanted to climb every spruce and birch tree from Lake Superior to Hudson's Bay! 

We are located nearby the Opasatika River boat launch where you can put your watercraft into the gently flowing river or fish from the banks or boat docks.  Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch are in the Opaz River along with catfish in some areas.   5 miles south on the Opaz River are rapids but there is plenty of fishing between the launch and there.  North the Opaz flows for 20 miles or so into Allan Lake which joins Kadi Lake to the east still on the Opaz with nice fishing opportunities all along the way.  Allan Lake is accessible by gravel road if you care to go by the cushions instead of a boat.  In the summer months we will have kayaks and canoes available for rent from the plaza, the boats are located at the boat launch and the equipment and rental is done from the Opaz Market at the plaza.
The highway 11 snowmobile trails meander from Smooth Rock Falls to Hearst but have very limited areas accessible for fuel, food, coffee and restrooms. We are almost smack dab in the middle with approximately 70 kilometres to each town east or west. The trail system spans from Cochrane and Timmins westward to Hearst and Hornepayne and is rated as some of the best snowmobiling trails in the world.  With names like Gateway to the North Trail and Lumberjack Loop passing directly through Opaz who can pass up stopping at a place named Heaven 11 Plaza while at the crossroads of the Lumberjack Loop and Gateway to the North Trail?   Heaven 11 is the only station where the sled trails touch the back of a fuel station, cafe, store and restrooms from Smooth Rock Falls to Hearst, which is approximately 140 kilometres (as the sled dogs run) making it a logical stop for fuelling, both yourself and your machines.  A sample of the trail system available is viewable at the adventurnord.ca website

We hope there is plenty to offer you whether you are a resident of Opasatika, live in the area, just passing through, commuting or a truck driver.

Please stop by and see what there is to see,

In the event you were curious of what Heaven 11 Plaza is, we will explain it to you right here.  Heaven is anyplace where a person can breathe fresh air, see all the stars, smell the warm fragrance of wood smoke and be at complete ease in the world.  It just so happens that we found all of that in this beautiful  and friendly northern community on the mighty Trans-Canada Highway 11.  So we are in Heaven on Trans-Canada Highway 11, but it is much easier just to say Heaven 11. 

Updated 04 May, 2019.

All the photos contained on this website are taken in Opasatika Ontario without filters, enhancements or manipulations.  All images are Copyrighted by Heaven 11 2018.