Heaven 11 Plaza





Now serving Sippin' Whiskey - Smoke Roasted Coffee

Come by for a coffee but please drive safely

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Heaven 11 Plaza

We are open!  Hey!! finally!!  We are serving Ole Smokes Coffee, an assortment of muffins and pastries from Monday through Friday 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM.  On the weekends we will open at 8:30 AM and close at 6:00 PM. 

On Monday Feb. 17,
we will open at 8:30 AM and
close at 4:00 PM

Happy Family Day, wherever your family is
Begin every day by saying I love you
Tell your wife or your husband, your dog and your kid
Your cat doesn't care about your (inferior) human emotions
As long as you worship it and give it a warm place to live

Snowmobile trail is groomed in and out of the plaza.  There are fancy (sorta) chartreuse (a green looking colour at least) signs on the trail to show our location.
The trail signs are in place, the branches cleared after a fairly windy night, all the weasels and arctic iguanas have also been driven back into the fresh Opaz snow.

Enjoy the trails and enjoy the snow because in a few months, the Opaz snow migrates back north again! 

The Ole Smokes Coffee being served is Sippin' Whiskey  a dark smoke roasted coffee - which does not contain any whiskey but contains memories of what contained the whiskey . the highly valued oak wood that the whiskey matured in.  It is smooth and easy creating a subtle whisper of the 'I want more' on your palate.  Come in a have a cup, stay a while and enjoy the quiet environment of Opasatika.  We open at 6:00 AM to help start the day off right with very fine coffee, pastries and muffins.

Located snugly between Kapuskasing on the east and Hearst to the west in the beautiful Boreal Forest region of Northern Ontario.

In many of the small communities of Northern Ontario, people often lack the convenient access to basic amenities such as gas, base food selection and household products.  This requires residents to travel some distance to get what they need.  We will stock the basic kitchen requirements, cleaning supplies along with outdoor products like bug repellents, paper plates and such.  We will also have the basics in lawn care and snow removal consumables like 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine oils. 

Ole Smokes Smoke Roasted Coffee is a Grande Prairie Alberta company that smoke roasts and traditional roasts its own line of fantastic coffees.  Heaven 11 is the only location east of Alberta where Ole Smokes coffee is available in a cafe environment, it is properly named Ole Smokes Cafe.  Of course online purchases are always available by going to https://olesmokescoffee.com/  Once you have tried Ole Smokes Coffee you will be stopping by Heaven 11 every time you drive the northern leg of Highway 11.  Ground and whole bean coffee will be available to take with you, so you will never be without it!

In the non-snow months (May through October-ish) we have a fully operational RV Park, configured for 10 back to back parking slots.  Each spot has 30 Amp service, potable water connection and waste water hookup. A dump station is available at the back of the RV Park for $5 per usage payable inside the station or in the drop box on the east side of the station for after hours payment.

The highway 11 snowmobile trails meander from Smooth Rock Falls to Hearst but have very limited areas accessible for fuel, food, coffee and restrooms. We are almost smack dab in the middle with approximately 70 kilometres to each town east or west. The trail system spans from Cochrane and Timmins westward to Hearst and Hornepayne and is rated as some of the best snowmobiling trails in the world.  With names like Gateway to the North Trail and Lumberjack Loop passing directly through Opaz who can pass up stopping at a place named Heaven 11 Plaza while at the crossroads of the Lumberjack Loop and Gateway to the North Trail?   Heaven 11 is the only station where the sled trails touch the back of a fuel station, cafe, store and restrooms from Smooth Rock Falls to Hearst, which is approximately 140 kilometres (as the sled dogs run) making it a logical stop for fuelling, both yourself and your machines.  A sample of the trail system available is viewable at the adventurnord.ca website

Please stop by and see what there is to see,

In the event you were curious of what Heaven 11 Plaza is, we will explain it to you right here.  Heaven is anyplace where a person can breathe fresh air, see all the stars, smell the warm fragrance of wood smoke and be at complete ease in the world.  It just so happens that we found all of that in this beautiful  and friendly northern community on the mighty Trans-Canada Highway 11.  So we are in Heaven on Trans-Canada Highway 11, but it is much easier just to say Heaven 11. 

Updated February 16, 2020

All the photos contained on this website are taken in Opasatika Ontario without filters, enhancements or manipulations except as noted on the image.  All images are Copyrighted by Heaven 11 2020.